During this course you get a deeper understanding of how to build up a proper sports rehabilitation plan, starting from the specific sport injury to the high performance state. Understanding the biomechanics of sport-specific movements, the causes of sport injuries, corrective exercises, manual and instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization techniques, innovative joint mobilization techniques, regressed and progressed stabilization exercises, as well as linear, lateral, crossover acceleration, deceleration, and multi-directional speed drills.

The course will provide thorough guidance on developing motor control, educating the neuromuscular and proprioceptive systems, and improving overall functional movement progressively, moving from simple to advanced patterns in sports rehabilitation.

The course will illustrate the process of building up active subsystems, which ensures stable joints. Stable joints ensure pain-free and injury-free athletes.

All sports require power and speed, based on the principle of progressive overload. The optimal condition has to be reached by the end of the sports rehabilitation process, by increasing the athlete’s ability to perform explosively with maximized force.

All the courses are registered by the American Council on Exercise and the International Wellness Institute.



  • Understand the biomechanics of movements, including sport-specific movements
  • Understand the reason of sport injuries and re-injuries
  • Understand the sports injury rehabilitation protocols
  • Understand the training parameters of sports injury
  • Understand the sports rehabilitation pyramid
  • Understand the training parameters of high performance
  • Understand muscle and joint dysfunction using a special, multistage Functional Movement Pattern Analysis
  • Learn how to test, spot and analyse compensatory movement patterns and body posture
  • Understand the function of the four main muscle subsystems that underpin functional movements and sport-specific movements


  • Ankle complex sports rehabilitation
  • Knee complex sports rehabilitation
  • Hip complex sports rehabilitation
  • Shoulder complex sports rehabilitation


  • Understand the entire sports rehabilitation training protocols and training parameters in certain sport injuries
  • Understand the effects of tissue tightness on movements, sport injuries, sport-specific movements, optimal performance and high performance
  • Learn the correct application of various soft tissue mobilization techniques (SMR, sport cupping, trigger point therapy and compression band) in sports rehabilitation
  • Understand the most effective stretching techniques (MET, ART, CRAC) in sports rehabilitation
  • Learn innovative joint mobilization methods in sports rehabilitation
  • Use passive, active, manual and instrument assisted joint mobilization exercises
  • Understand how to improve static and dynamic stability
  • Learn and perform progression and regression of anti-rotational, anti-extension, anti-lateral flexion, unilateral and bilateral exercises in sports rehabilitation
  • Understand how to improve neuromuscular efficiency and optimal function in sports rehabilitation
  • Understand the relationship between stabilization, strength endurance, muscular strength, maximal strength, plyometric and speed training from sport injury to high performance
  • Understand the components, factors and intensity development of functional strength training
  • Understand the proper function and place of suspension equipment, unstable equipment, medicine balls, tubes, bands, fit balls, kettlebells, and power bands in training programs
  • Understand the rotational strength and power
  • Understand the core stabilization, core strength and core power
  • Understand how to apply and design plyometric and speed exercise programs in sports rehabilitation
  • Learn the progression and regression in linear, lateral and crossover acceleration, deceleration, and multi-directional speed drills


All the courses are registered by the American Council on Exercise and the International Wellness Institute.