Are you aiming to become an exceptional Sports Rehabilitation Trainer?

Let us propose a scientifically effective way to shake up your practical knowledge in a constantly changing field. 

The Sports Rehabilitation Course developed by Renata Ágó aims to introduce the latest research, evidence-based practice and methods of all the core areas of sport rehabilitation, just as

  • exercise therapy
  • soft tissue mobilization
  • joint mobilization
  • tape and compression band techniques
  • performance optimalization

When creating the construction of the course, Renáta integrated the best practices of sports medicine and sports performance. This program is an unmissable opportunity for those who want to learn how to

  • rebuild the perfect kinetic chain,
  • develop mobility and stability,
  • improve sport-specific functional strength, 
  • and help the athlete to reach his/her maximum performance.

How this program can develop your skills?

Don’t miss out on this intensive course if you would like to acquire a comprehensive understanding in the field of corrective exercises:

  • learn the biomechanics of sports movements, 
  • familiarize with sports rehabilitation models and protocols, 
  • get to know acute and chronic phases, 
  • become able to practice functional soft tissue release techniques, 
  • gain an understanding of procedures in the hip, knee, ankle, shoulder, elbow and lumbar spine, 
  • become able to oversee traumatic and overuse sports injuries and help the recovery in achieving athletic maximum results.

National Academy of Sports Medicine (USA)
NASM: 1.9 CEUs
National Academy of Sports Medicine (USA)
NASM: 1.9 CEUs
Athletics and Fitness Association of America (USA)
International Wellness Institute (Europe)
IWI: 24 CECs hours
International Wellness Institute (Europe)
IWI: 24 CECs hours