The most expensive player is not the one who cost the most, but the one sitting injured on the bench”

  • Get deeper understanding in 1OO% PRACTICAL BASED Sport Injury Prevention program
  • Use the latest Sport Injury Prevention concepts and methodology to reduce sports-related injuries
  • Learn the latest scientific and practical approaches in Sport Injury Prevention
  • Learn to identify the various types of sports injuries like muscle, ligament, cartilage, fascia and tendon injury
  • Identify the exact factors that can increase the risk of injury
  • Implement movement strategies based upon Advanced Functional Training Assessment procedure and observation of biomechanics
  • Identify the reason and the effect of the movement compensations and proprioceptive deficits
  • Analyse the Primer Kinetic Chains from the view of the injury prevention and force transmission
  • Create sport specific individualized corrective training strategies
  • Optimize the performance movement pattern to develop performance
  • Maximize your knowledge in 3D multi-planar movement training and upgrade your abilities by a hundred of sport specific stabilization and mobilization exercises in progressions
  • Explain the strong relationship between sport injury and stabilization, strength, plyometric and speed training, based on functional anatomy
  • Improve overall movement performance and force transmission for high-performance